Sarah Bent started her cleaning company in 2011 and quickly realized the toll cleaning took on her respiratory system; using chemical cleaners.  She decided to research other options and switched to more “green” options for herself and now, her staff.  Still, after researching the ingredients of the greener cleaners, she found that there had to still be better options that would provide an exceptional clean to the properties and still be effective and better for the environment.  After all the research she had completed, she realized…what if she took this even farther and made her own cleaners as well as continuing into skin care and body care.

She found two schools that offered courses and diploma programs for natural and organic product lines and decided to enroll herself first in the certificate program for natural & organic skin care.  She completed this quickly and was thrilled with the wealth of knowledge she had accumulated and decided to continue with a double diploma in both skin care and hair care.  Excited from learning all about the different hair types to skin types and to why you would select specific ingredients for these different types was more than she ever hoped for!  This inspired Sarah to start her new company; Breathe Natural Organics to bring these inspired products to you!  This also helped educate her on the ingredients better suited for green cleaning!

Learning that there was such a huge difference between DIY recipes and actual formulation of products, was the eye opener for Sarah.  Knowing that what you put on your skin is important and having only healthy ingredients absorb and penetrate the surface is vital.  She realized that having your products properly formulated, tested and approved was the only way to ensure the longevity and safety of each product for her family and yours.

Sarah is thrilled to bring these natural & organic products to you and your loved ones; knowing that they are as close to 100% natural & organic as you can get.  She carefully selects her ingredients from specific suppliers that are either local farmers who are pesticide & chemical free and organic, suppliers involved with fair trade, and suppliers who state where their ingredients come from as well as stating how they are acquired.  This way the ingredients are not changing several hands.

Sarah continues to source new ingredients and educate herself on what is available around the world in order to bring only the best for the final products for her company Breathe Natural Organics.  She is extremely proud to have all her products tested on herself and not on animals.  She also offers vegan options, colourants derived from plants, synthetic free, paraben free, silicon free, plant derived ingredients and uses a preservative that is “nature identical” which means it is as close to nature as possible.

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