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Fresh Mango Chamomile Sensitive Moisture Facial Toner


Need a toner for sensitive, dry or mature skin?  Something gentle enough to soothe, tone and gently clean your skin, without stripping away natural oils and moisture?  This is it!  This wonderful combination of lavender and chamomile floral waters do exactly that while balancing your skins natural sebum (natural oil secretions of the skin)  and promotes new cell growth, leaving your skin soft and radiant.



To Use:  On clean skin, squirt enough toner onto a cleansing pad to wetten and gently massage over skin, avoiding eye area, and finish with one of our wonderful moisturizers.

Ingredients: Chamomile floral water, Lavender floral water, organic aloe vera gel, organic mango botanical extract, glycerin, benzyl alcohol, salicylic acid, glycerin, sorbic acid